The McKnight Group began with a personal calling from God to Homer McKnight as he developed a set of construction documents for a new sanctuary at his parent’s church.

McKnight and Hosterman Architects, Inc.,

McKnight and Hosterman Architects, Inc., began operations in 1970 as a partnership between Homer R. McKnight and William E. Hosterman and was incorporated in March 1972.  Philip Tipton joined the firm while a student at the University of Cincinnati in 1996.  Philip has been leading the firm since 2008 and works extensively on initial design aspects of most projects.

McKnight Development Corporation 

McKnight Development Corporation began operations in 1970 and was incorporated in March 1972. David K. McKnight started working in the construction field in 1984 while in high school and continued through college. Now with decades of experience David leads the company in partnering with churches.

The firm is well known as specialists in church architecture and construction with over 500 completed construction projects. Because of successful relationships and projects developed, we have many repeat church clients.

The firm also has a wealth of experience in several other types of projects including financial institutions, educational facilities, medical and dental offices, facilities for the elderly, as well as commercial, industrial, food service, distribution, and institutional projects. 

McKnight Development Corporation’s close working relationship with McKnight & Hosterman Architects, Inc. gives the firm several advantages. They have a current working knowledge of costs during the design phase, know current construction techniques and available materials, plan for advanced ordering of long lead-time building components and understand construction funds requested versus work completed. This experience allows the client to have confidence in how their project is being handled.

Although we have decades of experience, we prefer to maintain a low profile and give the honor to God instead of boasting about our accomplishments. It is because we desire to see people enter into a personal relationship with Jesus that we seek to help churches realize their potential and advance the cause of Christ.