Elements of Church Design for Children’s Spaces: Church Use Only

Providing dedicated spaces for children in a church building is crucial for attracting families to a church community. Ensuring that these spaces are well-designed will create a welcoming environment for kids and their parents alike. Here are some church design elements to include in children’s spaces that are used during church activities and worship. Future posts will delve into [...]

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Principles for Creating Secure Children’s Areas in Church Buildings

A discussion of church safety isn’t complete without including a particularly crucial element of church design: children’s areas. Whether it's for preschool, grade school, Sunday school, or childcare, implementing appropriate safety measures is essential to provide peace of mind for parents while fostering an environment where children can thrive spiritually and socially. Here are some important considerations when it [...]

Your Questions About Children’s Spaces Answered

There are many good reasons to participate in The McKnight Group's i3 webinars. One big one is the ability to get your questions answered at the end. Here are some questions and our answers from a recent webinar on church design for children's spaces. How do you handle spaces that are dual purpose: for adults on Sunday morning, and [...]

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Creative Children’s Themes Add Fun to Church Designs

Paint is one way to create colorful children’s spaces in your church building, as our last post described in detail. Another good technique for adding both color and creativity is through thematic church design. These examples show various imaginative themed paint, wall graphics, and props that appeal to specific age groups or are versatile enough for all ages. Include [...]

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Church Design Ideas Using Colored Paint in Children’s Spaces

Our last post on children’s spaces talked about some of the best practices for creative church design, including the importance of color. Color can be added in a lot of ways. You can add it through flooring, walls, furniture, or accessories, or it could be a combination of all of these. Paint is the most economical way to create [...]

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