Each new year gives us a chance to begin again. The new year also means the chance to unveil our latest lineup of free i3 webinars. That “i3” stands for ideas, insights, and innovations. These live webinars keep church leaders up to date each year with the latest information to help make the wisest choices and be the best stewards of a church design and construction project.

This year has clearly shown that the church building landscape is constantly changing—a year ago, we could not have imagined how many churches would be worshipping online! By attending these live webinars, you can get your questions answered and keep up with the latest innovations in the constantly changing world of church design.

Here is information on our 2021 lineup of free i3 webinars. Do note that while most of these take place in the third week of the month, our January webinar is held a week early, and addresses a very timely topic, so sign up today!

January 14 – NEW! The COVID-Era Church: Designs for an Effective Church

The pandemic has impacted the lives and ministries of every church leader. Many are wondering how their church buildings can serve them better as tools for a rapidly changing world. In this webinar, we’ll discuss adaptable church design and suggest technology and features that convey to your guests and members that your church building is a safe space to gather and worship.

February 18 – Current Trends in Church Design

Church design in America is always changing in response to trends across the nation. Some trends, like technology, are new. Others reflect a return to prior priorities, such as simplicity, especially in economically challenging times. This i3 webinar will address these and other factors that now influence church design, including examples from our own church building projects.

April 15 – Reimagine Your Space: How to Transform the Building You Have into the Building You Need

Does your church building support your church vision for ministry? Too often, church leaders struggle to work within buildings designed for other decades and priorities. Fortunately, help is available. In this i3 webinar, we share real-life examples of church building spaces that have been radically transformed to meet modern ministry opportunities.

May 20 – Safety and Security Design for Today’s Church Building

Security and safety priorities for church leaders are very different than they were in the last century, but many church buildings haven’t kept up with the times. This i3 webinar will approach church design from the perspective of protection from today’s threats, addressing levels of security, building code requirements, and what church leaders need to consider in putting together a church security plan.

June 17 – Steps to a Successful Church Interior Design Project

A church building or remodeling project isn’t just about the structure and functionality of the property. It’s never too early to begin thinking about the interior finishes: colors and patterns, flooring, furnishing styles, etc. The good news is that we’ve developed a process for that. In this i3 webinar, we share steps in the interior design process that will integrate your interior design with the rest of your project—including a surprise first step!

July 15 – Developing a Clear Vision for Your Church

At The McKnight Group, we believe that your church vision is more critical to the success of your church design than anything else. When God inspires your vision for ministry in your community, you’re on the right track from day one. In this i3 webinar, we provide insights on creating a church vision that can make your church building a dynamic and supportive tool in your God-inspired outreach to guests and your community.

August 19 – Funding Your Project in Today’s Economy

The pandemic has certainly taught us the folly of making assumptions about the future. This can make church leaders wary of beginning a new church building project in today’s economy. Yet, if your church vision calls for a new facility or church renovation project, how can you ignore God’s call? Don’t despair! In this webinar, we will share specific, creative methods that churches are already using to raise funds, along with practical tools you can use to craft a realistic budget for implementing that vision.

September 16 – Creating Effective Children’s Spaces

Does your church building draw in families with young children? Do you even know what you need for an appealing church design? What if you only have the funds for renovation? We will share wisdom, tips, and suggestions for all this and more in an i3 webinar specifically designed to support making a good first impression on your youngest guests and their parents.

October 21 – The Map to The Church Building You’re Dreaming of: A Step-by-Step Guide

Does the idea of a church building project seem overwhelming? As the saying goes, each journey starts with a single step. In this final i3 webinar of 2021, we will provide you with a detailed “triptik” for your church design journey. With our guidance, you can arrive at your church building destination without wasting money or time on needless detours or running out of funds halfway through.

Are you ready for 2021? You can already sign up today for our first three webinars. Prepare your questions now, and we hope to see you soon!