“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Yes, Christmas is almost here, but we also mean that it’s time for us to announce The McKnight Group’s 2022 lineup of free church building i3 webinars. With each of these webinars, we offer you the latest ideas, insights, and innovations (i3) on church design and every aspect of the church building process.

If you’re a long-term follower, you might recognize some of these topics. But every webinar is presented live, with the most recent information, because circumstances can change significantly over the course of just a few months (as we have certainly learned during the past two years!).

So here is our lineup of free, interactive 2022 i3 webinars:

JAN 20 – The COVID-Era Church: Designs for an Effective Church

The pandemic has been one of the biggest drivers of change in recent months. Do you know the best ways for your church to adapt? In this inaugural 2022 webinar, our President, David McKnight, will explain how your church building can adjust to such changes, how to use technology wisely, and show how to communicate the ways your church building is a safe place for worship and so much more.

FEB 17 – Funding Your Project in Today’s Economy

There are so many uncertainties in today’s economy that it could seem impossible to make your church design a reality. The good news is that churches are still building, with the help of creative approaches to budgeting and funding your church building project. In this webinar, David McKnight shares tools for projecting a realistic budget and out-of-the box approaches to funding your church building dream.

MAR 17 – Reimagine Your Space: How to Transform the Building You Have into the Building You Need

Many church designs were drafted for very different church visions. Sometimes, your church building can even become an obstacle to the ministry you need to reach your community. David McKnight shares a portfolio of completed church building projects which illustrate how you can significantly transform your existing church building to meet modern mission goals.

MAY 19 – Safety & Security Design for Today’s Church Building

In recent months, we’ve learned how extremely important safety and security are for people everywhere, and church buildings are no exception. In this updated webinar, our Vice President of Architecture, Philip Tipton, takes a close look at the various levels of safety and security that can be integrated into your church design. He also shares information on building code requirements and a helpful set of questions to ask about your church’s security plan.

JUN 16 – Current Trends in Church Design

Church design is in a frequent state of flux because church visions for ministry are constantly changing. For this reason, Philip Tipton will share the latest trends he’s seeing in church design and architecture, explaining the factors (economic, technological, and otherwise) that influence these trends and illustrating them with examples from the McKnight Group’s recent projects.

JUL 21 – Developing a Clear Vision for Your Church

We’ve already mentioned church vision in a number of these descriptions because it is the most important tool for constructing a church building. Without a God-inspired vision, you might develop an ineffective church design. The good news is that David McKnight returns this month to teach webinar participants about developing the vision you need to effectively guide your church building process.

AUG 18 – Creating Effective Children’s Spaces

What makes a church building attractive to children? We’ve been asking that question for decades, and we have a pretty good sense of the answers. In this webinar, David McKnight is joined by our Interior Designer to discuss what’s involved in designing warm and welcoming children’s spaces that appeal to both kids and their parents.

SEP 15 – The Map to The Church Building You’re Dreaming of: A Step-by-Step Guide

Maps are useful because they clearly show the best options for arriving at your desired destination with a minimum of time and money spent. In this i3 webinar, David McKnight draws on his decades of church building experience to impart a detailed map for your church building project. He will discuss all the necessary steps and will also warn of potholes and detours to avoid along the way.

OCT 20 – Steps to a Successful Church Interior Design Project

The McKnight Group’s Interior Designer will round out this year’s free i3 webinars with a look at the important interior finishes that help create the right first impression for your church design. This webinar includes wisdom for starting the interior design process early and a list of steps to take along the way—including a first step that will probably surprise you!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the coming year’s free i3 webinars. They are the best place to learn the latest information on the church design and building process, so sign up for our first 2022 webinars today!