The McKnight Group Announces Construction Completion | Rockford, OH

Press Release – New Horizons Community Church Addition The McKnight Group is nearing completion of the addition at New Horizons Community Church in Rockford, OH. The addition to the existing church building of 9,692 square feet contains a Children's Worship space, an expanded foyer, classrooms, offices, restrooms, and a kitchen expansion. These spaces support children's ministries as well as [...]

What’s the Third-Place Trend in Church Design About?

Sociologists believe the places where people spend time can be divided into three buckets. The first is our home, the second is either work or school, and the third is where we hang out and build community. The third-place idea for church design has been around since the 1980s and refers to a place that’s an anchor in the [...]

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Some Trending Worship Center Church Designs Today

A previous post on church building trends today discussed how many church leaders are finding that “smaller is better.” When it comes to the worship center church design, there are some more trends worth covering. You might be surprised, and hopefully inspired, with what we’re seeing happen with church building design today. Creating Intimacy through Worship Center Church Design [...]

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Another Church Design Trend: Smaller Is Better

Here’s another church building trend for 2022, one about the size of the worship space in your church building. We have seen a definite shift in worship auditorium sizes in recent years. Twenty years ago, the focus was on creating a bigger, better church design and accommodating everyone in a single worship space. Now, more and more church leaders [...]

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Church Building Trends 2022: Remodeling Other Types of Buildings

Along with utilizing multi-ministry spaces and remodeling outdated sections of your current church building, another current church building trend is to remodel other types of already-constructed buildings. Our annual look at trends continues with an example of one such project. Why Consider an Existing Building for Your Future Church Home? The trend of remodeling existing non-church structures began back [...]

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