Westerville Christian Church

Design and Ministry Needs

In 1996, The McKnight Group built a large, 23,000 square foot multi-ministry space for Westerville Christian Church, which more than doubled their ministry space and helped the church grow to over 400 in Sunday morning attendance. This project also allowed them to provide an exceptional youth basketball program that within four years served more than 800 participants, not including parents and grandparents.

With a church mission to “Love God and Love People,” Westerville Christian focused on children’s ministries in 2003 and embarked on a Capital Campaign for “Love God, Love Kids.” In 2006, they moved into an additional 19,189 square foot facility designed and built by The McKnight Group, to meet the needs of children in the community of Westerville. This project was designed to attract kids and say “we care about you
and your family!”


The new 19,189 square foot facility features an indoor playland that is open to the public for indoor play and birthday parties. For infants and toddlers, a secure nursery and check-in pod were constructed. The new building features an enlarged lobby to serve a second multi-ministry worship/community space, a new bookstore, an upscale coffee shop called the Global Café, fireside room for Seniors, and a full-service commercial kitchen. With the outstanding popularity and growth of their youth basketball program, Westerville Christian was able to utilize the new facility to expand the reach of their basketball ministry by adding additional grades and capacity for existing programs.


The emphasis on children’s ministries and provisions of space have enabled the church to experience excellent growth in child participation from birth through 4th grade. In three years, over 25,000 children and parents have used the indoor playland, introducing thousands of new people to the church and increasing attendance to Sunday worship services. Westerville Christian Church has become a focal point for children in the community and continues to grow its congregation, which has more than doubled in the last 10 years.

Project Details

Westerville Christian Church
Westerville, Ohio

Lobby Expansion, Multi-Ministry, Fireside Room, Playland, Café, Kitchen, Nurseries

Square Feet:
19,189 Expansion

Project Completed:
June 2006

For more information
please contact:
The McKnight Group
(614) 875-1689
(800) 625-6448

Case Study

“Our new addition is more than just space. We are touching people’s lives. People are finding jesus at Westerville Christian because it is easy to invite a friend. People are asking questions and coming back. We wanted to reach out and be relevant. Thank you, Mcknight Group, for helping a spirit-driven vision become a physical reality.”

-Greg Bondurant, Preaching Minister, Westerville Christian Church