The McKnight Group started by one man accepting an unexpected call 50 years ago.  God spoke and Homer McKnight answered in faith, believing God would provide.  He never imagined that 50 years later, his vision would have grown to what The McKnight Group is today. We would like to thank all of our clients for working with us.  We appreciate the opportunity to have some part of helping them be effective in reaching their communities for Christ.

50 years ago, we were founded by faith, counting on God leading the way.  That is our mindset today as well.  May the Lord continue to lead us to where we can be effective and, in the end, help God be lifted up and glorified.

From working with churches across the continent to the 114 international mission trips Homer went on, The McKnight Group has grown thanks to what we learned in these experiences and a commitment to serve. Through the years, we’ve made personal connections with pastors and lay leaders from thousands of churches. These churches represent tens of thousands of lives that know more about Jesus today.  Select the maps above to see the reach of the McKnight group over the last 50 years.

50th Anniversary Series

To commemorate 50 years in service, we are sharing our stories of how God has worked in churches and in our business over the years.

1. The Origin Story – Founder Homer McKnight kicks off the Podcast Series sharing his compelling story how God spoke to him and drastically changed the direction of his life.

2. The Early Years, Part 1 – Homer McKnight & partner Bill Hosterman tell their heartening stories beginning The McKnight Group.

3. The Early Years, Part 2 – Homer & Bill continue to share their stories including how they’ve seen God work throughout the years.

4. The Influence of Missions – God used Homer’s mission experiences as a catalyst to start a major trend in new church facilities.

5. Pathways – The McKnight Group’s President, David McKnight, and Vice President of Architecture, Philip Tipton, share their journeys of how they’ve stepped into leadership at The McKnight Group.

6. Tough Times – Homer, David, and Philip reflect on the tough economic times they’ve seen churches face and overcome over the years.

7. Changes – David and Philip share how church design and construction has changed and how to prepare for future church planning.

8. Stories from Our Long-Time Employees – Listen in to the fun and memorable stories shared from our long-time employees, concluding the 50th Anniversary Podcast Series.