Many churches struggle to effectively use their facility even though they have plenty of building and do not need to add square footage. Much of the square footage is often outdated in aesthetics or function, which makes it hard for the facility to act as a proper tool for ministry. For these churches, a remodel of their facility can restore the benefit of function through modernization.

The McKnight Group has extensive experience in remodeling facilities. These projects stretch from facelifts to complete gutting of facilities and all options in between. Updating facility lighting, HVAC, security, and energy efficiency can be considered with remodeling as well as meeting current building code requirements.

Northwest Chapel before pictureNorthwest Chapel after picture
Berachah before pictureBerachah after picture


Purchasing an existing building and modifying it to reuse as a church facility can be a more affordable option when a church is looking to upsize or downsize into a new facility. In addition to existing church buildings, other examples of buildings that we have remodeled into churches over the years are movie theaters, office buildings, exercise facilities, grocery stores, car dealerships, industrial buildings, department stores, and school buildings.

Building code must be reviewed closely since changing a facility from its original use often requires building code updates. Many times HVAC systems, Electrical systems, and Fires alarms must be updated to convert from a building’s original use to a church facility.

A good place to begin is a Feasibility Study to review the existing building code issues, develop Schematic Plans and remodel budgets. If the existing facility and property is purchased for the right price, remodel and/or reuse of the building can end up much less expensive than building a new facility from the ground up.