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The next step is to complete the Construction Drawings for permits. The time for this can vary with the size of the project as well as the size of the architectural staff, but you can plan on about three to four months. After the drawings are completed they can be submitted for building permits. At this time you are subject to the timeframe of the plan reviewer. This varies greatly depending upon your geographic area.

Necessary Steps Prior to Proceeding


Before your Designer can begin he needs to have an accurate survey. A survey is important for a master plan. The accuracy of the design will depend upon the accuracy of the initial information. The survey should include:

  1. The property boundary
  2. Topo – A topographical survey shows the contours for the property and the difference in elevations.
  3. Easements
  4. Utilities
  5. A copy of the deed is also useful to indicate any deed restrictions.

Soil Borings

You should also ask if your designer would like soil borings. Soil Borings will identify poor soil conditions or rock which effects cost. Finally, you should give your designer a copy of any drawings of your existing building or additions. These drawings will help the designer figure out the best way to tie into your building.

Schematic Design Drawings

The design process time frame is flexiable to meet your needs however it is important not to rush the process. A typical design timefame ranges from three to six months. This is very dependent on how quickly the church can make decisions. The other factor that can affect this is the design professional’s experience. An experienced church specialist will come close to your initial needs in a shorter time.

Zoning issues can also affect the timeline. These issues might take one meeting to take care of and they might take six months. Zoning needs to be investigated in the design phase of the project so if there are any time consuming issues you can start working on them immediately. Things that normally take long time frames are zoning variances and annexation. If you start on these items soon enough they should not adversely affect the project.

After the design is completed most churches experience some type of stewardship campaign to raise funds for the upcoming project. A typical stewardship campaign lasts about three months. After the stewardship campaign churches are certain of funds available for the building project.