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What is a Building committee? The term “building committee” is a catch phrase. It could just as well be called planning committee, vision committee, leadership group, church board, or construction staff. More importantly, what does this committee do?

Unity and Consistency

The building committee needs stay together. This team of leaders should be involved with the conceptual design and continue through the completion of the building. The reason for this is continuity throughout the project. The McKnight Group tries to keep the same people involved throughout the entire process for the same reason. When the team is kept together throughout the entire project the communication is streamlined and old issues do not have to be rehashed with new people.

“Who knows how to build?” and “Who works in construction?,” are often the first qualifications considered when church leadership begins thinking of the building committee. This should not be the first prerequisite for building committee membership as your design professional will be the one guiding you through the building process. The dominant quality you need to look for is someone who knows your church’s mission and is a leader in your congregation. The visionary people in your church are great for the building committee. The committee needs to see beyond the current needs to the future needs of your church. If there is someone who works in construction but is not a leader or visionary, do not include them based on their profession alone. You should also have a financial representative of your church on the committee. The sometimes sobering issue of finances is a good check and balance for the committee.

Church Mission

Since the building committee offers input on your church’s future they need to be committed to the mission of your church. If your church does not have a mission statement, you will need one before you build. If your mission is not defined, how will you know if what you are building will help meet your future needs?

Building Committee Organization Guidelines

Here is a list of guidelines for organizing a building committee:

  1. Common vision with church mission statement
  2. Include leaders and visionaries.
  3. Financial representative
  4. If you are designing a worship space, include an Audio/Visual representative