What is a Building committee? The term “building committee” is a common term for a building team, planning committee, vision committee, leadership group, church board, or construction staff. What does this committee do?

Unity and Consistency

This team of leaders should be involved with the conceptual design and continue through completion to provide continuity throughout the project. The McKnight Group tries to keep the same people involved throughout the entire process for this same reason. When the team stays together throughout the entire project, the communication is streamlined and old decisions do not have to be revisited with new people.

Building Committee Organization Guidelines

Suggested guidelines for organizing a building committee:

  1. Common vision with church mission, while also seeing beyond the current needs, to future needs
  2. Include leaders and visionaries, not just someone with building experience
  3. Include a financial representative to provide realistic financial input
  4. Include an audio/video/lighting representative if building a worship space
  5. Avoid placing people on the committee who know about construction but know nothing about your ministry.