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3D Services

Walk around and through your new building before you build with a 3D virtual reality model or animated video of your project. These amazing visual experiences dramatically increase understanding and support for your project, as everyone can see how lives will be impacted through ministries in the new building. This is a great tool to make your stewardship efforts much more effective.

The McKnight Group offers a variety of 3D services for sharing your vision with the rest of the congregation. The first, and most common option, is a color 3D exterior rendering. This 3D image, in addition to color site and floor plans, is a very effective tool for communicating the vision. Every completed design comes with a full set of color presentation boards.

Presentation boards provide a very helpful means of informing others about your campaign. At the end of the initial design process, you will receive a set of color presentation boards of site plans, floor plans, and a 3D exterior rendering.

Interactive virtual reality models allow you to view portions of your project in every direction. These virtual reality images are excellent for communicating the overall look of each area of your project. Below are some samples of various 3D “Interactive Images”. Click on one of the images to view the Interactive Image.



Virtual reality models and animated videos are an extremely effective tool for sharing the vision for your building campaign. At The McKnight Group, our team of writers and animators can help turn the vision for your project into an exciting journey. Using the latest in cutting-edge technology, our staff can create powerful 3D presentations that will make your stewardship efforts much more effective.