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The McKnight Group’s highly skilled design professionals will assist you in defining your vision, developing a master plan, and identifying growth potential. This, in turn, will help you to expand your vision and communicate effectively with your congregation.

Owner participation is vital and welcome throughout the design process. In fact, this is where the core design information resides. Specific input is needed while schematic drawings are being created. Changes can easily be made at this point, whether they are function driven or cost driven.

The McKnight Group provides insight from 47 years in the design-build business. Opportunities that have worked with other churches can be reviewed and considered, providing new and fresh ideas.

Licensed Architects and Project Captains supply the expertise in providing all construction documents necessary for building.

McKnight and Hosterman’s close working relationship with the general contracting firm of McKnight Development Corporation, as well as their extensive experience with Design/Build contracts, provides the client with several advantages. These include a thorough working knowledge of design phase costs, current construction techniques and materials, and a comprehensive understanding of design potential versus available construction funds. This practice affords the client a confident and comfortable experience.