Creative Church Design Elements for Children’s Spaces

Most church ministries include being welcoming and accommodating to children as an important function. It’s one reason we’ve been devoting our recent posts to discussing kids’ spaces in church design, including nurseries and preschools, classrooms, activity spaces, security considerations, and more. Our focus on children’s spaces in church buildings now moves away from the more technical factors to look [...]

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Church Building Codes and Regulations for Licensed Childcare

What to include for kids’ spaces in your church design? This has been the focus of our recent posts. The last looked at some of calculations of including a preschool or childcare ministry in a church building, like teacher ratios and how much square footage you need per child. Building codes must also be addressed, as well as the [...]

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Church Design Considerations for Daycare and Preschool: Space Considerations

For most churches, children are in some way a vital part of their ministry. Whether it’s taking care of kids during church activities or providing full daycare and education beyond Sunday school, there are many ways that children can figure prominently in a church design. The last few posts have addressed the features for church-related children’s spaces. When it [...]

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Church Design Ideas for Outdoor Playgrounds

We are highlighting various church design concepts for children’s spaces. In our last post, we discussed considerations and ideas for indoor play areas. Let’s go outside and look at some ideas and considerations for outdoor play spaces, including security features and equipment materials.  Security Features When it comes to keeping kids safe, security should receive top consideration. If you [...]

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Including Indoor Play Spaces in Your Church Design

There are many areas in a church design that can focus on children. We have already discussed what elements to include in nursery and preschool rooms and K-5 classrooms, including security features. We’ve also discussed activity spaces for kids. Another consideration is indoor play areas. We design these frequently for churches. Here are some ideas for your church building.  [...]

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