Transforming Tradition: A Creative Rebuilding of a 100-Year-Old Church

Innovation is central to church design. Every church has unique needs and a differing vision for ministry. A creative approach allows a design/build firm like The McKnight Group to meet those needs, often starting with very different challenges. One such remarkable story unfolds at a 100-year-old Methodist Church that faced a daunting challenge – a crumbling church building with [...]

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Navigating Church Financing Challenges: Your Questions Answered

Attending The McKnight Group's free i3 webinars is an excellent way to learn about the church design and building process. Plus, you get an opportunity to have your questions answered by our church building experts. In a recent webinar that focused on financing projects during challenging times, attendees posed some great questions. In this article, we will share the [...]

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Church Building Lessons Learned from Difficult Financial Times

Hopefully, the impact of difficult life events like recessions, inflation, and pandemics will be at a minimum in the future, but it’s unlikely that they will disappear. What’s important is that when these events occur, we at least learn from them. Here are some crucial lessons we’ve observed that can guide church leaders to create thriving church spaces, no [...]

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Financing Church Building Projects When Interest Rates Are High

Some church leaders may worry that it’s too expensive to borrow money for church design and building projects because interest rates are high. We covered the cost of delaying a church building project in a previous blog post, and the reality is that the extremely low rates of recent years may not come back. Here is a closer look [...]

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Understanding Loan Calculations and Pledges

Once a capital stewardship campaign has been successfully completed, it’s usually time to secure a loan to begin your church building project. It takes more than the enthusiasm and dedication of church leaders to get a lender to underwrite a loan; planning and organization is critical. Here are some ways that lenders determine the amount a church can reasonably [...]

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