Safety and Security Considerations for Less Traveled Spaces in Your Church Design

When thinking about the safety and security of a church building, public gathering areas like worship centers, foyers, or children’s spaces likely come to mind. But there are other areas in your church design that also benefit from thoughtful inclusion in a security plan’s parameters, processes, and procedures. Here are some important but less top-of-mind, less public areas that [...]

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Meeting the Needs of Churchgoers in Your Church Design

Current events as of late keep safety and security concerns top-of-mind. How do these concerns affect attendees and guests coming to your church building? We’ve accumulated some statistics that paint a picture. Not only is security important to people attending church services, but it’s also something they are willing to pay to make happen. In this post, we’ll share [...]

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Answering Church Building Transformation Questions

One great benefit to church leaders from our free i3 webinars is the chance to ask questions. We’re always glad to answer these questions using our extensive church design and construction experience, and after more than half a century of church building experience, there’s much available to draw upon. Here are our responses to three questions that were raised [...]

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Five Considerations to Successfully Transform a Church Building

Our last several blog posts have detailed ways to transform a church building in a time when new construction may not be the best choice because of inflation. While every church is different, there are some common requirements that support a successful transformation of any church building. Here are five common foundations for any successful church design or remodeling [...]

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Modernizing Technology in Your Church Building – One Reason to Update

Change is something that’s constant. Change when technology is involved may even be quicker. Every year, it seems new technologies transform what’s possible and this brings church leaders new opportunities when incorporating them into their church building. Here’s an example where we helped church leaders update a church design without investing in a full renovation or new church building. [...]

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