Building Maintenance

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There is no such thing as a maintenance-free building. According to experts, building owners will spend around 80% of the cost of new construction to operate and maintain a building over the course of forty years. While you may have selected durable and long-lasting products, materials break down over time. An average building deteriorates between one percent and four percent every year, and unaddressed problems can cause the deterioration to accelerate. Fortunately, you can extend the life of your building components by being proactive with maintenance.

Water intrusion is the most common cause of accelerated building deterioration. If water gets into a building over time, it can freeze and destroy masonry and concrete walls and cause wood to rot. Water can wash out material under foundations and floor slabs, causing settling.

Where does water intrusion come from? These are the most common areas you need to inspect annually in your building:

  • Downspout drains, which can get clogged or become disconnected over the years
  • Caulking, which can start to peel and create space for water to come in around windows and doors
  • Cracks in masonry walls, which lets water into wall cavities
  • Roofs, which are one of the most common sources for water intrusion


Unfortunately, roof problems do not go away. Rather, they get worse, they deteriorate the building and they become more expensive to fix. The McKnight Group addresses these issues with our roof maintenance services. Roof maintenance inspections and repairs are available separately or in combination with our other services, offering convenient building solutions from a trusted partner.

A simple lack of maintenance causes most roof leaks. Damage from HVAC, cable, telephone and other maintenance workers can cause leaks, as can poor transitions between wall materials or other roof types. Because of this, metal roofs require an annual inspection.

The experienced team at The McKnight Group can inspect your metal roof for issues like the following:

  • Damage from storm debris
  • Buildup in gutters
  • Loose fasteners (compression is important)
  • Rust accumulation
  • Damage from snow and ice

The McKnight Group is experienced in repairs to both membrane and metal roofs. We can fix minor roof maintenance problems as well as identify and provide solutions to any larger potential issues.

Do you have a question about your roof issue or would you like to learn more? Contact us today.