To say that ministry has changed is an understatement. Today’s church functions more as a center for the community than ever before. It’s the place where we want to spend more time, and a destination that newcomers want to experience. The church architecture must be purposeful, aesthetically pleasing and open for potential expansion for future growth.

The McKnight Group specializes in the church architecture, design, and construction of multi-ministry buildings that work. Our facilities appeal to young and old alike, and meet the many needs of dynamic, growing communities. We help bring people into the Kingdom of God.

Thank you for considering The McKnight Group as a partner in your community outreach efforts. Whether you’re seeking bold, new ideas or solutions that are more traditional, we will help you see, and achieve what’s possible. We share your passion for Christian purpose, and your desire to connect with people.

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From the earliest planning and conceptual work to the final approvals and ribbon cutting, The McKnight Group provides a complete expansion, remodeling, or new-build experience. And when a new facility is completed, we help fulfill its potential as a place of worship. Tactics and talent at every stage make it possible.