Classrooms are just one element for children contained in a church design, but other spaces, depending on your vision for a church building, can also focus on kids. One of these is activity spaces. Here are some elements for churches designing these areas to consider.

Platforms or Stages

If the activity space is being used for puppet shows, singalongs or musical performances, plays and skits, storytelling, and other performance art, you should think about including a raised platform or stage. It could be something simple, or you could have something a bit more complex with a built-in set.

If you’re including a platform in your design, good sight lines are essential.  

Having ample storage is also important, especially if you need to store items like props, puppets, audiovisual equipment, chairs, or other items.

Safety and Security

We explained in our last post how your level of security is always important when it comes to kids, but egress is another issue to consider. These often work against each other because you want to ensure people don’t get in where they shouldn’t be, but the building code requires you to make sure people can get out when there’s an emergency.

We recently discussed security measures that can be implemented for kids’ spaces. That may give you some ideas for activity areas, such as what windows or doors to use to improve security.

Lighting and Special Features

Lighting is another important element. For example, you can install dimmers to adjust the amount of light based on the activity. And you should also consider the type of lighting you need for these spaces.

You might want to look at special features, such as a sound booth, bubble machines, video projectors, or black lights. These features can be fun for kids if you have a specific purpose for them. However, everything must be planned out ahead of time to ensure that it works in the space.

Activity Room Examples

Consider this layout. The use of colored carpets can divide classes, making it easier to keep track of the kids and manage activities. The room has a sound booth, and the guitars on the platform indicate that live music is probably being performed here, along with video projection.

This is a nice, large facility for children of all ages. But notice that it also makes a great room during the week for other ministries, special meetings, and similar activities, which even adults can use.

This next example is a themed space for younger kids: the Church Mouse Praise House. The set is ideal for puppets, which you can see in the cornfield. The adults, who play church mice, lead singalongs and tell stories. It’s the highlight of Sunday mornings for the little kids to sing songs, listen to stories, and watch the church mice and puppets.

These are just a few illustrations. There are a lot of elements and creative options to consider when including activity areas for kids in your church design. Contact us. We’re happy to help you design the ideal spaces for kids in your church.   

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