Happy New Year! Everyone at the McKnight Group looks forward to supporting your ministries in 2018. Part of our own ministry is our free i3 webinar series, and we are pleased to announce this year’s lineup of helpful, no-cost webinars, which seek to provide you with ideas, insights, and innovations (the 3 i’s).

These webinars are presented live and offer a chance to ask questions, so save the dates now!

January 18: Developing a Clear Vision for Your Church

When we meet with church leaders, we don’t begin by showing what we’ve done with other churches. We understand that every church has a unique vision for serving and growing a particular community.

In this first i3 webinar of the year, our president, David McKnight, will start with what we consider to be the beginning of the process. He will lead you through the particulars of developing a clear vision to guide you and your church design. He will also share the process of transforming your vision into a church building that reaches newcomers and grows your community.

February 15: Steps to a Successful Church Interior Design Project

Do you worry about how to make your church building appealing to newcomers and fit into your community? Interior design can help.

In this webinar, Interior Designer Jennifer Snider will talk about everything from colors and patterns to types of flooring. She will discuss not just what’s best for your church design, but also help you consider the ongoing maintenance and life cycle of interior finishes, so you can make the best decisions possible as you put the finishing touches on your new or renovated church building.

March 15: What Really Saves You Money (The Truth About Church Construction)

With money being tight for many churches, expanding a church building or constructing a new facility can lead to everyone seeking ways to pinch pennies until they’re left screaming. In this practical webinar, David McKnight will give participants his professional assessment of a number of widely advertised “money-saving” concepts and give you the truth about how much they might really cost. He will also discuss which new technologies really can save you money.

April 19: How to Fund Your Project in Today’s Economy

Continuing with the financial theme, David McKnight returns to tackle the question of funding for your new or remodeled church building project. David will give you creative, specific methods that church leaders can use to raise money, including many little-known, forward-thinking, and outside-the-box approaches. He will also provide you with tools for crafting a reasonable budget for your church project. No matter where you are in the church building process, we know you’ll find these tools helpful.

May 17: Current Trends in Church Design

Do you know what’s trending in church design today? What shifts in church buildings are happening in response to changes taking place across the nation?

In this webinar, Vice President of Architecture Philip Tipton will discuss the latest trends that affect church building designs. Whether it’s technology, the economy, or other factors, he will share what’s happening and how these trends are guiding church leaders toward returning to a simpler time. Philip will also include examples from several of our own church design projects.

June 21: Creating Effective Children’s Spaces

Have you thought about how to make your church building feel welcoming to children and youth? We have, and we want to share those thoughts with you.

In this webinar, David McKnight and Jennifer Snider team up to discuss how to make a warm and friendly impression on children and young families, whether you’re renovating an existing church building or starting with a fresh new design. They will share both what works and also some common pitfalls that you’ll want to avoid.

July 19: How to Transform the Building You Have into the Building You Need

Is your church building an obstacle to ministry instead of an asset? Does your church design impede your outreach to the community?

David McKnight will share some real-life examples of churches that have been able to transform their buildings into tools for effective ministry, creating opportunities to grow their community without having to start from scratch.

August 16: Step by Step: New Church Building from Start to Finish

Remember, as a child, taking a car trip and unfolding a map across your lap so that someone could show you the route you were taking? Can you remember the excitement you felt, and the confidence you had when you knew where you were going? We feel the same way about new church building projects. When we can map the project from start to finish, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and trust that they will reach their intended objective.

In this webinar, David McKnight and Philip Tipton will unfold that map for you, pointing out the necessary stops along the way, some shortcuts and detours to avoid, and the signposts that will ensure you get to your destination: a beautiful new church building.

September 20: Top Interior Design Questions Asked by Churches

Frankly, we love the opportunity to answer your questions. We welcome the chance to clarify, explain, and generally support church leaders as they learn more about the design, building, and finishing processes involved with church construction. We know you’ve got lots of questions, about everything from seating options in the worship center to contemporary versus traditional finishes. In this webinar, Jennifer Snider will answer the frequent interior design questions that church leaders ask today.

October 18: Principles for a Successful Church Building Project

We will end our free i3 webinars series in 2018 by returning to the big picture. Shepherding a successful church building project requires an understanding of the common problems and pitfalls that can occur.

In this webinar, Philip Tipton returns to the principles at the core of each successful project. From assembling the right leadership team and developing a clear vision, to understanding your church’s financial potential, Philip will outline what you need to be good stewards of your church design and building process, into 2019 and beyond.

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