Are you considering a new church building or a remodeling project? The entire process doesn’t have to overwhelm you. You see, The McKnight Group’s expertise extends well beyond construction, and construction of churches for that matter.

The Personal Life of Church Building Professionals

Here at The McKnight Group, we practice what we preach. The McKnight Group’s Leaders are involved with church and ministry leadership boards, and participate in leading small groups and teaching classes along with volunteering for  other ministries. Many of our employees are Christ Followers who are active in their church’s ministries.  We not only have a great wealth of professional knowledge but also personal experience.

We understand your specific needs as a church, which is one reason why we encourage involving church design professionals as early as possible in your church building process.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies—an initial assessment of options—is a very good way to bring in church design professionals early on. For example, is your church leadership deciding whether to stay in your current location and remodel an existing church building, or construct a new facility in a different location? Feasibility studies sketch out possibilities and help you decide between them.

Perhaps you’ve decided that you need to move, maybe you’re renting space and it’s become too small, or your church building is old and not suited to your current vision. You’ve looked around and now you’re deciding between two different properties. A feasibility study will help you figure out the pros and cons of each.

From Vision to Initial Church Design

Feasibility studies do more than sketch a possible church design for your review and modification. Yes, we can layout plans for each option that you’re considering, but we also investigate things like zoning issues and utility availability, as well as purchase price, and weigh all those issues to help you decide the best option.

Church professionals often scrap many initial drafts of a church design. Plus, back-of-the-napkin sketches don’t give you a realistic sense of possibilities anyway, which is why we recommend calling us in early to talk about your vision. Remember: we’re also members of and leaders in our churches and we understand churches.

Are you ready to take that first step? Give us a call. Sign up for our upcoming free i3 webinars that provide valuable, up-to-date information on many church building and remodeling ideas, insights, and innovations that can impact what you might achieve with a professional church design.