Fun attracts children—of all ages! We’ve covered much recently on the church design principles for children’s spaces on Sunday and weekday childcare and preschool requirements. In this post, let’s step back from the rules, regulations and formulas to address the importance of creating fun in church building children’s spaces.

Your Church Building is a Tool for Children and Family Ministry

We’ve talked before about how a church building is a tool for ministry. Nothing replaces great ministry. However, having a fun space that attracts children and their families can really help accomplish it. Fun children’s spaces show that children are important to your church. It also lets parents know that you value them, because you value their children’s presence in your church.

The Limits of Church Design Coordination

A great way to create fun is by using themes. We’ve discussed before ideas on types of themes to consider. Make sure to use colors and images that will stand out and attract children.

Another consideration – Make your children’s area stand out from other areas of the church building, like your lobby with your children’s center. You really want people to know, as they’re approaching your dedicated children’s space, that this area of your church building is different, sending the message, “This space is specifically for kids.”

Planning for the Full Picture of Children’s Ministry

In addition to the children’s ministry spaces themselves, a successful church design for children will include important elements in other parts of your church property. For example, you will need clear and abundant signage to direct families to children’s spaces. You want it to be easy for people to navigate your church building and to know where they are going. Not having to ask for directions helps visitors feel more comfortable and connected to your space. You may also want to consider installing play equipment, especially if you will have weekday childcare or preschool in your church building.

Another important element of your church design is the quality of materials used in children’s spaces. Yes, it may cost more to install quality finishings (we’ve talked about this with flooring for children’s spaces). Remember that children are likely to be harder on those finishings and furnishings. It’s worthwhile investing in quality products that will stand up to children’s happy energy.

It’s important that every part of your church design speak to the particular needs of your vision for ministry, whether it’s a children’s space, a worship center or other parts of your church building. To learn more about church design and building wisdom, sign up today for our next free i3 webinar.