When you relocate, every ministry needs new space.  The Crossview Church facility was designed to give the church’s vital ministries powerful new tools and room for
significant growth, while minimizing the building’s overall square footage and cost.
Consequently, Crossview boasts an amazing amount of ministry uses for its size!

The facility includes a beautiful and flexible 300 seat multi-ministry worship center with theatrical platform, basketball, and volleyball.  A 100 seat highly flexible community room accommodates children’s and youth ministries, banquets, education, fitness,
community events and doubles as a lobby expansion.  Secure and themed nurseries, and multi-ministry classrooms are conveniently located.  The administrative suite includes a secure entrance, three offices, reception, work room, and a conference room.

The facility also includes unfinished shell space for future classrooms and a full-service kitchen, provisions for an outdoor theater, and plenty of parking.

To learn more about the project, process and success,
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