At my age I’m right on the edge of paper or electronics to help me run my life.  I use both to do different things.   However when I’m out running around I use my phone.  I love my phone, my wife hates it.  There is so much information I can find on my phone.  My daughter asks, “What does this word mean?”  I say, “Let’s talk into my phone and find out.”  What fun!

My phone has a note pad that I can jot down things to do.  Several months ago I started a new note pad on my phone called God thoughts.  I jot down things that touch me … things I hear from people on the radio, books, TV, sermons or wherever.  I thought I’d share a few with you I have kept over the last few months.

Goodness is not the absence of evil.  God wants us to do good things not just avoid doing evil things.

How many people have the view the Christians are “goodie two shoes”?  Why don’t more people have the view that Christians are people who will help you out?  As a Christian are we spending more time thinking that we need to stay out of trouble or are we thinking and looking for opportunities to serve others?  This plays hand in hand with the next thought I jotted down.

“The church is only the church if it is serving others.” – Dietrich Bonheoffer

What better example of letting Christ lead and change your life than Bonheoffer.  Dietrich had the courage to speak out against the Nazi’s when most of the German churches were silent.  Dietrich went from being a pacifist to being involved as a spy for the allies and active in the plot to kill Adolf Hitler.  He knew sitting on the sidelines was not what God wanted from him and it cost him his life just before the end of the war.

“None of us can help everyone.  All of us can help someone.” – Max Lucado

I’m not sure this is original from Max but I read it in the last book I read of his.  I love this saying because it brings home the personal side of what God wants us to do.  We don’t all have to be someone who speaks, touches, or is known by thousands.  We just have to touch the person next to us.  Maybe God is sending you down the street to your neighbor or on the corner to the person who needs a lift.  I hope to pass the meaning onto my children and I hope they can learn them from watching me.