It’s a new year, which means we have scheduled a new set of i3 webinars. As always, these free webinars are designed to share ideas, insights & innovations (the i3) about church design and building projects.

Every year, we share the latest information we have on best practices for church building and remodeling, concerning a wide variety of topics. Use this list to plan which ones you want to attend and learn about. Each webinar also gives you the chance to ask us questions about your church design and building projects. We hope you will join us for these informative webinars throughout the coming year.

January 16 – Current Trends in Church Design

We begin the year with a look at the latest church design trends in America. We will address new and recurring trends influenced by technology, the economy, and other factors. The webinar will include examples from several McKnight church design projects.

February 20 – How to Fund Your Project in Today’s Economy

Funding your church building or remodeling project in uncertain times can seem daunting, but many churches are successfully making it happen. In this webinar, we’ll share specific methods that churches are using to raise money, and we’ll give you some tools for constructing a realistic budget as well.

April 16 – How to Transform the Building You Have into the Building You Need

Many church leaders aren’t certain how to make an older church building fit to support today’s ministries. If you feel your building gets in the way of effective ministry, this i3 webinar will show how real churches transformed their buildings to create ministry opportunities they could not have imagined.

May 21 – Security Design for Today’s Church Building

Security is a common theme in every aspect of life today. In this webinar, we review existing building code requirements, what types of security you can design into your church building, and what you should be considering as you develop your church security plan.

June 18 – Steps to a Successful Church Interior Design Project

Many church leaders forget that interior finishes are a critical component to an attractive and welcoming church building. In this webinar, we’ll address various types of finishes, the importance of good planning, and provide a step-by-step guide to the interior design process.

July 16 – Developing a Clear Vision for Your Church

A clear and focused church vision for ministry is the best starting point for any church building project. In this i3 webinar, we’ll take you through the steps for developing a vision that can guide your church design. We’ll also outline how to transform such visions into a church building that supports your many ministries.

August 20 — Creating Effective Children’s Spaces

Do you have any idea how to draw families with children to your church building? Are you needing to transform existing spaces that will entice and excite young families and children? In this i3 webinar, we’ll discuss both best practices for children’s spaces in your church building and some frequent pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

September 17 – Step by Step: New Church Building from Start to Finish

Everyone needs some type of guidance when taking a trip for the first time. This i3 webinar is designed to guide church leaders on each step of your church building project, addressing which direction to take, the best stops to make, and the most cost-effective ways to successfully arrive at your destination.

October 15 – Principles for a Successful Church Building Project

In this final i3 webinar of 2020, we’ll share some of the challenges we’ve encountered in over forty years of church building projects and the principles we’ve developed to avoid them. You’ll learn everything from who is needed on the leadership team to how best to understand your financial potential and what makes a building functional.

As you can see, we’ve put together nine timely and informational webinars over the next year, our 50th in business! We hope you will plan to join us for this free webinar series.