Pastor Ken Murphy Leads Tour

What is i3?
Not just another church building seminar!  i3 stands for “Ideas, Insights & Innovations” – all of which are required for church building and expansion in the ever-changing dynamic of growing the church community. In this short, one-day seminar, attendees had the opportunity to learn valuable ideas, insights and innovations from experienced church leaders and visionaries who have built or expanded church communities.

This year’s April 4th event was hosted by Cypress Wesleyan Church and her great staff.   Senior Pastor, Ken Murphy, was instrumental in bringing to light the success stories of the church through multiple projects conducted by The McKnight Group.  After conducting a tour of the campus for all attendees, Ken led a main session entitled “Building … People”. 

Mark Brooks of The Charis Group

Informative workshops were presented by The McKnight Group Staff including how to “Make a Lasting Impression With Your Church Interior Design” by Church Interior Designer Jennifer Snider, “Principles for Designing and Building Effective Ministry Tools” by Head of Architecture Philip Tipton, and “What Can A Church Do In Tough Economic Times” by McKnight Group Representative Eric Simmons.

The Charis Group’s Mark Brooks discussed “The New Normal – How Capital Funds Must Be Raised in the 21st Century”, bringing us up to speed on how the current economy has changed the landscape of giving towards capital projects. 

What people are saying:

Thank you for an excellent seminar!! It was first class and really dealt with the issues! You certainly had my attention! May God richly bless you for your labor of love.  Gratefully, Cliff & Lindal Reynolds

Thank you for hosting a great seminar and providing such a nice lunch … the morning sessions were VERY helpful. I got lots of good stuff to help us. Thank you.

Just to let you know, we really enjoyed the seminar, and appreciated all the information that I’m eager to pass on to our congregation.

Overall, a very informative day provided free by The McKnight Group!   Need more information about Church Design and Church Building? Please give us a call: 800-625-6448.  You may also join us for our next i3 Webinar by clicking here!