When my daughter was born my life became complicated.  She did not follow my schedule at all.  As she grew up more things became more complicated.  My wife and I wanted to send our daughter to a Christian School, which complicated my finances.  The girl wanted to play volleyball.  Do you know how much they practice?!  I set up a volleyball net in my yard and invited her volleyball friends over.

Now, there is yet another degree of complication my daughter brings into my life. Boys!  For some reason, this one boy is coming to my house every Friday night and eats my pizza!

I have lived the last 16 years with life becoming more complicated, and yet I don’t have a negative view about any of the responsibility and change that has taken place.  In fact, it is a blessing to have experienced my daughter’s birth, growth, and taking time to teach her about life and spiritual development.  Complication is not necessarily bad.

Growing a church tends to make church life more complicated.  Taking down and setting up chairs in a multi use worship space is, “…such a pain!  Why would we want to do that just so we could have a neighborhood volleyball league?”  “Letting the church be used for a children’s event for the community? Do you know how much it would take to clean up after an event like that?”

Churches that understand it takes work and sacrifice to grow the kingdom are not afraid of challenge.  Adding people to the kingdom, changing lives and meeting needs will challenge and complicate church life.  These are blessings from God!

I pray that your church gets so complicated that you will win people and be strengthened to meet the challenges that come with growth!