It has been more than a year since I felt God telling me to fast from part of my life’s passion.  (See My Fast, God’s Greatness.) It was painful going through the initial decision process.  I prayed for guidance and direction.  I wanted a written note from God telling me what to do.

I have not been to a hockey game in person since April 2012!  Now, I feel released to go see a hockey game, in person, again.

These are my thoughts on why God wanted me to fast in such a way.

My actions illustrated my faith to my family.  My kids, wife, mom and dad see me all the time and know the good and bad about me.  It’s important they also know I am striving to be a Godly man but, more importantly, to see my actions upholding my words; I am a Godly man.

My oldest daughter counted on going with me to hockey games as some of her favorite father/daughter time.  This year has been difficult for her because we have not had that experience.  I replaced the time lost with other time spent with her, yet it was a sacrifice for both of us.  I pray she learned that I had to obey God first and foremost.

My friends are closer because of my experience.  I struggled telling anyone outside my family about my fast so I decided to tell my close friends.  I found that it affected them as well.  They could have thought I was crazy yet acted nicely because they were my friends, but they didn’t.  They knew I was giving up something significant in my life.  It caused them to consider their own spiritual connection with God and grow closer to Him.

Obedience to God.  I think the main lesson of my fast was obedience.  God wanted me to demonstrate I loved Him more than hockey.  And, I do!

As I look back at my struggles over giving up my seats and not going to games I realize I could have made the decision to fast much sooner.  The moment I sensed the Spirit, I knew what God was wanting from me.  I was slow to obey because what I was giving up was so significant.  I hope in the future I will not hesitate!

I hope you are able to submit to God’s direction in your life.  Today, as I write this, I see the cost of my fast was missing an incredible season of Blue Jacket’s games.  But, what I gained was much, much more!