Signs to read are everywhere today. We have traffic signs, safety signs, storefront signs, and all manner of other signs that help us orient ourselves in the world and figure out where we need to go next or what we need to do. The same is true in a church building. When guests arrive for the first time, they are looking for signs to help them orient themselves and figure out where they need to go. When it comes to making a good first impression with your church building, clear, bold signage can go a long way towards helping guests feel welcome and wanted.

Easily Identifying Locations in Your Church Design

As you can see in this photo from Bethany Wesleyan Church, signs can be clear and concise without distracting from the overall church design aesthetic. On the right, you can see that they’ve added a large “Women’s Restroom” sign over the entrance to that space, in addition to the smaller sign that’s required by code. This allows people to see the restroom location from across the room.

In both the Bethany Wesleyan photo and this one from Dayspring Church, you can see that each area is clearly labeled with title and function: Family Life Center, Children, Welcome Center, His Cup Café, Gymnasium. All these signs are high enough to be easily viewed, even if the space is filled with people. As a result, guests can easily navigate your church building without having to ask questions.

Imagine a Guest Wandering Around Your Church Building

Are you wondering what signs you might need to add to your church building? We can become so comfortable with our church design after a while that we are blind to the difficulties guests might encounter. One useful exercise is to walk around your church as if you were a guest who’s never been there before. Imagine what they see and where they might want to go. Could they easily find their way? Would they have to resort to guessing where the children’s center is or which door to use for worship? Where could some signage help people to navigate their way around more easily? Remember, the more you can help your guests navigate your church building through signage, the more comfortable they will become, and the quicker they will start to feel like they’re a part of your congregation and that they belong.

Good Signage Isn’t Just for Directions

Of course, signage isn’t just good for directions—although that’s very important! As you can see in this image from Bridgetown Church of Christ, they took the opportunity to remind everyone—guests and attendees alike—about their church vision for sharing Christ in their community. Opportunities like this to incorporate your vision and your ministry with your space can make for important visuals that people reconnect with every time they enter your church building.

Clearly, signs are extremely helpful elements to make people feel welcome in your church building, and especially useful in making a good first impression. They are also easy to incorporate into your church design, so take that “guest tour” and figure out where your signage could help everyone navigate your church building. We also encourage you to sign up for our next free i3 webinars, which can help you, as church leaders, to navigate the church building process. A new line-up for 2022 will be announced soon.