We are excited to announce the 2024 lineup of free i3 webinars – where we share the latest ideas, insights, and innovations in church building. Regardless of what stage you are at in your church design, you don’t want to miss these opportunities to learn from church building experts and have your questions answered during these live and interactive events. Here are the topics and dates for 2024.

January 18 – Safety and Security Design for Today’s Church

Safety and security are on everybody’s minds today, no matter where they are going. How can you best protect your attendees and guests, and help them feel safe while they worship? In this i3 webinar, we’ll explore church design features that add layers of security and show how to develop an effective security plan for your church.

February 15 – Creating Effective Children’s Environments

If kids are excited about going to your church, it improves the whole family experience. How do you create a positive and welcoming first impression for kids and parents alike? Do you need a new or remodeled space? Should you offer childcare? What are the common pitfalls to avoid? Join this i3 webinar to tackle these tough questions and more as you build an exciting place the whole family will love.

March 21 – Funding Your Church Project 

Understanding what you can afford and how to fund your church building project is essential. This i3 webinar will equip you with tools to project a realistic budget and reveal the latest approaches to funding, building, and renovating church spaces in today’s economy. There are important steps you can take now to ensure that you’re ready to build in the future, no matter how far off that may be. 

April 18 – The Church Building You’re Dreaming of 

Your dream church is possible – and we can help you achieve it in the most direct and cost-efficient way. This i3 webinar will chart the path from start to finish. We’ll discuss the necessary stops along the way and the unnecessary costs and delays you can avoid.

May 16 – Remodel, Reuse & Repurpose

What worked for your church in the past may not be working for it now. If you’re ready to refresh your church design in a meaningful way to improve worship and ministry, this i3 webinar is for you. You’ll hear from real churches about their transformation and the growth opportunities that followed.

June 20 – Epic Fails

Sure, mistakes happen. But so many can be avoided! You don’t want your church building to be the latest example of an epic fail. In this i3 webinar, we’ll look at common mistakes churches have made with their building projects, and discuss how you can leverage a little foresight and follow recommended practices to dodge similar missteps.

July 18 – Trends in Church Design 

Church design is constantly evolving in response to national and worldwide trends and technology, while economic and other factors can lead to a return to the basics. This i3 webinar will help you understand the various influences on church design, so you can strike the perfect balance. You’ll also get an inside look at McKnight Group projects that showcase the latest church design styles and features.

August 15 – Developing a Clear Vision for Your Church 

A clear vision is the most important tool in building a church facility. Do you have one for your church and congregation? In this i3 webinar, we’ll teach you how to create a strong and effective vision and show you how the right church design can bring that vision to life to reach new members, grow your community, and build the Kingdom.

September 19 – Successful Church Interior Design 

All the decisions that go into the perfect interior church design – from paint colors to flooring and more – can be overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start, this i3 webinar is for you. We’ll break down the interior design process so you can plan confidently from the beginning and pull off a successful church building project.

You can learn more and sign up for any (or all) of The McKnight Group i3 webinars today. They are free – so we encourage you to get them on your calendar and plan to attend right from your computer!