Let’s face it: At one time or another, many church leaders have dreamed their church could be like one of the many well-known mega-churches. These churches have performed so well, and had such an impact on their communities that their models for ministry and buildings are naturally admired across the country.

When it’s time to build or remodel your church building, it’s important to understand that not every church can be a well-known megachurch—nor should every church ministry or building look just like theirs.

Seeing Ideas that Work

The McKnight Group’s chief Design Architect, Philip Tipton, has been designing church facilities for over 20 years. During that time, he has traveled across the U.S., touring churches and learning from their leaders. He has carefully considered what design principles might be learned from various churches. Principles that can be applied everywhere, independent of location, demographics, culture or size. Philip’s advice is to discover what works for your church by focusing on these principles instead of simply attempting to copy models.

Models Vs. Principles

While a model is based on a single example, a good design principle can typically be observed in a number of church buildings and ministries. Principles are developed over time, by learning about multiple successful ministries and seeing them in action.

Location, Location, Location

A “model for ministry” is the idea of imitating a concept with which one church has had a positive experience. The fact is, however, that no single model for ministry will work for every situation.

A model that precisely imitates one church, for example, won’t necessarily work in another part of the country. This is often due to differences in the culture and personality of the community—its needs, its expectations.

The Best Mix for Your Ministry

At the McKnight Group, we see a church building as a tool: A device that facilitates ministry. What will do this best in your community is a mix of broad principles along with the scale of your church, and its specific demographic and cultural elements. Yes, sometimes a model from another church can be applied, but only if the situation is right.

This is something we can only understand by talking with you, visiting you, and getting to know your ministries and needs. To learn more about the services we provide, contact us today. And by all means, to learn more about church building and remodeling, visit our website and sign up for our i3 webinars—they’re absolutely free.