Happy New Year! We hope your church and ministries will be blessed in 2019. We also hope that, if you’re looking for church building or remodeling support, you will look to us. One way we can help is through our no-cost i3 webinars, which provide ideas, insights & innovations (those 3 i’s) for your church building project.

Each webinar is presented live, so we’re giving you a preview of what’s to come so you can mark your calendar now. In fact, you can already register for the first three of our 2019 i3 webinars right at the bottom of our home page. Plan to join us to learn about church design and building and to get your questions answered!

January 17: How to Transform the Building You Have into the Building You Need

Church buildings age, just like humans do and can become out of step with twenty-first-century needs. In this first webinar of 2019, our President, David McKnight, will examine some obstacles faced by actual churches and share how we helped transform their buildings to support their modern ministries.

February 21: Steps to a Successful Church Interior Design Project

What goes inside your church building is an important, and sometimes overlooked, part of any successful church design. In this i3 webinar, our interior designer, Jennifer Snider, will discuss colors, finishings, floorings, and more; explaining what’s involved in a vibrant interior design so that your church building remains attractive to members and guests years after it is built.

March 21: Current Trends in Church Design

It is said that the only constant is change. This is definitely true in church design across the U.S. In this i3 webinar, our Vice President of Architecture, Philip Tipton, will outline what changes he’s seeing in technology, building design, and other key areas which can make your church an attractive worship space and compelling focal point in your community.

April 25: What Really Saves You Money (The Truth About Church Construction)

David McKnight returns to talk about the realities of saving money on a church building project in this webinar. It’s hard to know what tips will really save you money in the long-term. Along with tips that work, David will examine several ideas that are advertised as money-saving options, but could really cost you more in the end.

May 16: Step by Step: New Church Building from Start to Finish

Any big project requires a good road map and actionable timeline. In this i3 webinar, David McKnight will outline each of the steps that should be on your church building road map (and warnings about potholes that you might encounter along the way), giving you a start-to-finish big picture that can help you stay on task through this months-long process.

June 20: Creating Effective Children’s Spaces

One of the most effective ways to attract people to your church is focusing on children. If your church building is appealing to kids, they’ll ask their parents to bring them to church. In this webinar, David McKnight and Jennifer Snider team up to talk about how your church design can appeal to children, and what common mistakes to avoid.

July 18: How to Fund Your Project in Today’s Economy

How might tariffs, rising interest rates and other economic uncertainty impact the church building project of your dreams? Don’t worry; church leaders are still successfully funding church buildings and facility renovations, even in less-robust markets. In this webinar, David McKnight will help you think outside the box on making your church design dream come true, as well as providing tools for constructing a realistic budget to support it.

August 15: Security Design for Today’s Church

Security is important for every church leader these days, whether it’s to keep children, members and guests or church staff safe. In this i3 webinar, David McKnight and Philip Tipton team up to discuss how building codes and security can dovetail, outlining ways that security that can be designed into your church building to meet various types of threats.

September 19: Principles for a Successful Church Building Project

In this webinar, Philip Tipton will talk about some principles behind successful church building projects and the common pitfalls that can set you behind before you even really get started. With Philip’s input, you can get your leadership team, church vision and ministry in the community off on the right feet!

October 17: Developing a Clear Vision for Your Church

In our final free i3 webinar of 2019, David McKnight returns to reinforce what we believe is the core foundation of any successful church building project: a clear church vision for ministry in your community. Without it, your church building will never be used to its full potential. Join David in a discussion about articulating your vision and using it to design a dynamic facility that will support your specific church ministries.

That’s the list of what you can look forward to in 2019. We hope you’ll attend all these webinars, and in between we’ll keep you informed through our blog on many of the key ideas, insights and information you’ll need to design and build the ideal church for your community.