Church Design and Development Professional, Mark A. Siebert

Mark A. Siebert

If you arrived on this page through our website you probably noticed three large words on our home page.  “Partnership, Understanding, Commitment.”  We believe these to be foundational to our existence and ability to provide great church design and buildings that work.




We experience differing levels of partnership.

Some churches prefer a simple “transactional” relationship where the project is already defined, releasing The McKnight Group to draw, obtain permits and build in a relatively short amount of time.  This works well and can be accomplished efficiently if the vision is very clearly defined.

Most often though, there exists a mutual effort to reach a destination that is yet to be defined.   Usually, when a church contacts The McKnight Group, there is a feeling of necessity to change or expand through new or remodeled facilities, but the destination is “out of focus”.  It can be seen, but the “how” and “what” needs clarification.

Where to start?

If a church can define exactly who they are trying to reach, whether it be a culture, age group, or area of need among a community, then clearly defining the path becomes relatively simple.  The type of space, size, mass and function flows out of discussion and exploration of ideas and possible ministry opportunity.  This can be a very exciting time for church leadership!  Just imagine an extended time gathering with your visionaries to dream about how to reach the people in the community surrounding your property.  Combine this event with people who understand Architecture, Construction and Stewardship and you have a partnership with The McKnight Group that provides a clear path to the preferred destination.


It is not about a building, but rather about building the Kingdom by providing creative space to attract the community and enable ministry!  When we understand the greater and desired outcome, together, the destination is visible and the path easily traveled.  Partnership implies shared liability and responsibility.  The McKnight Group shares the liability to be good stewards of available resources and the responsibility of insuring the dollars spent positively affect the Kingdom and future of the church, your church, through great church design.