Grace Powell Church

Design and Ministry Needs

Grace Powell Church had strong growth with a large and effective sports ministry in their community. They knew it would not be too long before they would need to expand their facility in addition to the immediate update of their current facility. They hired The McKnight Group because of our expertise and willingness to work with the experienced individuals they already had in their church. Working together, a Master Plan was developed that identified different phases of the plan.


In the first two phases the focus was on updating the first impression spaces in the facility, as well as improving an aging multi-ministry worship center. In Phase One the foyer was remodeled, creating a fresh and open atmosphere. A new welcoming area and café style seating was added to the foyer. The main restrooms were updated with touchless faucets and urinals. 
In Phase Two the Worship Center platform was completely rebuild, while adding walls for video screens and support for a video wall at the back of the platform. The house and thematic lighting was completely overhauled, and a storage addition was built onto the building. A new sports surface, good for worship events as well as athletic use, was installed so the sports ministry could have a facility to meet their needs.


The church and sports ministry continued to see positive results from the first two projects that they have moved forward with plans for a third phase to remodel their children’s space and add on more multi-ministry facilities for the children and sports ministry.

Project Details

Grace Powell Church
Powell, Ohio

Phase I:  Lobby remodel | Main Restrooms remodel | Café | Gathering Room
Phase II:  Multi-ministry Worship Center remodel | Storage room addition  

Square Feet:
Remodel 13,577 
Addition 800

Project Completed:
January 2022

For More Information, please contact:
The McKnight Group



Case Study

“We’ve completed two phases to date, and we can say that our initial trust in The McKnight Group to perform was well-justified. Respect and trust are what it comes down to when selecting a team to work with, and we look forward to working with The McKnight Group on the third phase of our building plan.” 
Tom Samms