Prayer is an important and necessary part of being a Christian; a private, or public interaction between God and His people. Prayer is a very powerful encouragement when accomplished within a group. Prayer is also a visible sign of faith.

Over the years at The McKnight Group we have maintained some form of voluntary prayer time for employees. My wife Susan coordinates requests and prayer directives in an effort to keep our clients and relationships before God. We take seriously this honor and privilege. We have created a “Prayer Closet” within our offices to gather and pray, and once a month we pray for each other’s needs and requests. At other times we collectively pray for churches we are working with, for vision for the church, wisdom for their leaders, favor in permits, and success in maintaining momentum. All of this with the intent to ultimately bring glory to God!

I am encouraged by the outpouring of prayer within The McKnight Group. Be encouraged, we are praying for you!

The McKnight Group Prayer Posts