Refreshing your church design can greatly benefit the existing congregation and create a welcoming environment for visitors. The McKnight Group specializes in these kinds of transformations, with projects ranging from facelifts to complete rebuilds. While it’s exciting to see a great-looking new space, the ultimate goal is to give church leaders a facility that acts as a proper tool for ministry, helping them effectively reach more people.

Here are a few important pointers to ensure you get the most out of your church building remodel.

Start with a Clear Vision

If a church is remodeled without a well laid out plan, church leaders run the risk of wasting money on a remodeled space that looks nice but lacks meaningful impact. With a clear and strong vision, however, it’s easy to spend money where it is needed most to move the church forward.

  • What is your church trying to accomplish?
  • Who is your church trying to reach?
  • How is your church trying to reach those people?

Answers to these questions will help you focus on what spaces in your church need to be revamped, what features need to be improved, and what technology needs to be updated.

Meet Ministry Needs

The world is continuously changing, and a church must evolve to meet new needs and expectations. Take inventory of your active ministries. Which ones need more or better functioning space? Those ministries are a great catalyst to break free of the status quo and make necessary changes around the church building. You’ll need options within your resources, which may require a trade-off with ministries that need less space.

Embrace Creative Space Solutions

When you make the decision to give one ministry more space, you’ll inevitably be giving up space somewhere else. It may not be obvious where to find it. Take a fresh look at your church and think creatively about the best possible layout. There may be a great opportunity hidden in spaces previously used for offices, meetings, classes, storage, or ministries that are no longer active. 

Explore All Options with an Open Mind

Sometimes church leaders find what their congregation likes and figure that it’s best to stick with what works, rather than risk the discomfort that can come with change. By doing so, there’s a risk of missing out on opportunities for the church to grow and thrive. What seemed like a great idea for your church building in the past may impede its future. Be open to new and creative ideas while prioritizing the vision of your church and the function of its space. When it comes to remodeling, the price tag can vary greatly, and the right path forward isn’t always obvious.

Fortunately, you are not alone on this journey. We will continue to gather church leaders together with our free i3 webinars, and we invite you to join to learn from other’s experiences and have your questions answered by experts. The 2024 lineup will be coming soon and promises to deliver the latest trends in church design, guidance on funding your projects, and much more.