church-design-webinar-2016December is here! Christmas is right around the corner (or already here if you walk into the mall), and the New Year will be upon us before we know it. We pray everyone is looking forward to what 2016 has to offer.

In our case, the New Year also means a new lineup of free i3 webinars on church building, design, and remodeling. We want to make it easier for you to see your church vision take shape, whether it’s a renovation to an existing classroom wing or the development of an entire new complex. Below is our lineup of free i3 webinars for 2016, which we believe will provide ideas, insight, and innovation for your latest church design or building project.

Here are the details:

January 21 and September 15: “Steps to a Successful Church Interior Design Project”

While a church building attracts people from the outside, it keeps them by impressing visitors on the inside. Yet often, by the time a building or renovation project reaches the interior finishing stages, church leaders are so worn out that they’re not able to focus on this critically important aspect of church design.

McKnight Group Interior Designer Jennifer Snider helps webinar participants think through the necessary planning and recognize that they can make the right design decisions at the very beginning.

February 18: “How to Transform the Building You Have into the Building You Need”

Often church leaders inherit church buildings that just don’t fit with the church’s vision for the future. While building a brand-new church campus is a great solution, it’s beyond the financial capacity of many churches.

In this webinar, we talk about how real churches have been able to transform their buildings to support their ministries, creating effective opportunities to witness to Christ and grow the church in ways those churches might never have dreamed possible.

March 17: “What Makes a Great Multisite Facility?”

Multisite churches have passed being a trend and are now becoming the norm, with over 8,000 multisite churches in North America today.

In this webinar, McKnight Group President David McKnight teaches about the different considerations church leaders must think about when choosing or building on a multisite location. Whether you’re starting from scratch or renting in order to reach out to a new area of town, this webinar will help you make the right decisions about spreading the Gospel in multiple locations.

April 21: “Creating Effective Children’s Spaces”

Nurturing the next generation of church leaders is critical to the success of every church community. With that in mind, McKnight Group President David McKnight and Interior Designer Jennifer Snider share their wealth of information on creating children’s spaces that work.

Whether your goal is to make a good first impression on those children and their families, or to avoid making mistakes you’ll have to live with for generations, this webinar will teach you how to redeem existing spaces and prayerfully plan new ones that will excite and nourish children in your church. They will also cover the specific needs to be addressed if you wish to start a daycare or school in your church building.

May 19: “Principles for a Successful Church Building Project”

Undergoing a church design, building or renovation project can feel like a juggling act. There are many aspects that must be managed simultaneously. To make it all work, you need the right leadership team, a vision for the future of your church, a good grasp on your financial potential, and an understanding of what makes for a functional church building.

In this webinar, McKnight Group Vice President of Architecture Philip Tipton shares important information about each of these aspects and more, helping churches avoid the pitfalls that might prevent a church building project from realizing its full potential.

June 16 and October 20: “How to Fund Your Project in Today’s Economy”

Today’s economic environment is not as challenging as it was six years ago, but we’re still in a recovery. In this webinar, we talk through the particular ways that church leaders today are able to successfully fund their church building and remodeling projects, even with financial limitations. We provide proven tools and creative approaches, as well as a plan with steps to follow so churches still defining their vision can prepare for building in the future.

July 21: “The Advantages of Design-Build Partnerships for Churches”

Sometimes the biggest headache in any church building project is getting all the participants on the same page. If you’ve got architects and builders each blaming the other, church leaders can get stuck in the middle. Here, McKnight Group Vice President of Architecture Philip Tipton explains how the design-build team concept prevents this problem by keeping the entire project under one roof and ensuring that it will stay within budget and on schedule.

August 18: “Choosing the Right Team for Your Project”

As a church leader, you understand the importance of putting together a good team to lead your church into the future. The same is true with any church building, design, or renovation project. In this webinar, members of The McKnight Group team talk about the difference the right team can make with everything from vision and fundraising to the building process and final touches.

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