improve-stewardship-webinarThe most successful organizations are those that listen to their customers and potential clients. This is something The McKnight Group has done since its beginning in 1970. It’s a big reason why we set up our free i3 webinar series—to address the church design, building and renovation issues that you, our friends and clients, have been talking about with us.

Those three i’s in the series name stand for ideas, insights and innovations, and over the years we’ve been able to share a number of exciting ideas, convey the insights that we have discovered while constructing church buildings, and reveal innovations in the industry that have helped improve the church building process.

Our Successful 2014 Church Building i3 Webinar Series

In 2014 we had five different webinars in our series, and we showed each of them twice during the course of the year because we understand that scheduling conflicts arise. Our topics ranged widely, from effective children’s spaces to funding your church building project in a challenging economy. We talked about how to redeem existing space, and how to use interior design for outreach to the community.

Our free i3 webinar series was very successful in 2014. We had over 400 people register for them, representing 20 states from around the nation. We hope to continue that success in 2015.

Help Us Plan Our 2015 Church Building i3 Webinar Series

Now we need your help. Is there topic you’d like covered in 2015? What are the issues that your church is struggling to address? What design dilemmas do you have? What building shortcomings are you looking to overcome? What are the problems you’re having in getting your members on board with your vision for the future?

You see, we want these webinars to be relevant to what’s going on in churches today. Church leaders like yourself need support, and we’re here to provide it when you have questions about church building, design and renovation issues. We are experts in that field and are happy to freely share our expertise, because we understand that a supportive relationship with you and your church can make all the difference in a successful building or renovation project.

What Other Feedback Do You Have for Us?

Because we value relationships, we also want to know how we can improve as a business. In what other ways, besides our i3 webinars, can we be of assistance to church leaders? What do you need from us, and what can we do better?

We’d also, naturally, love to hear how we have helped you in the past. If you’ve had a great experience with The McKnight Group through our webinars, a conversation (perhaps at Catalyst) or one of our church building projects, we’d like to hear about it.

So give us your feedback. You can email us at, call us at 800-625-6448, or send us a letter via fax (614-875-7006) or mail (P.O. Box 370, Grove City, OH 43123). Your input makes us a better company, and helps strengthen those relationships which impact people’s lives for Christ.