Common Obstacles, Real and Perceived, to Remodeling Your Church Building

Remodeling your church is a big decision, one that can be difficult to make because of both real and perceived obstacles. In this post, we look at three of the obstacles we’ve seen church leaders face and discuss how they can be addressed. Poorly Used Space One common obstacle to church remodeling is the idea that you don’t have [...]

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Church Design Steps from Start to Finish: Construction Documents

There are many steps to a successful church design and building process. Without paying careful attention to each one, you can end up with a church building that doesn’t meet your needs. So, we’ve been covering all the steps on our blog, from start to finish. Once you have your funding plan in place, it’s time to generate the [...]

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Church Building Steps from Start to Finish: Zoning Considerations

As we cover the church building process from start to finish, the next step to look at is zoning. Whether you’re starting from scratch or considering a major church remodeling project, you will need to ensure that your church design meets the zoning requirements for the area of town in which it is built. Zoning 101 Every city and [...]

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Church Building Steps from Start to Finish: The Design Phase

In a recent and ambitious i3 webinar, we covered all the steps in the process of constructing a new or remodeled church building, from start to finish. Step one was about determining the catalyst – the right reasons for your church building project. In step two, you need to convert that understanding into a practical, workable, overall plan. This [...]

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Saving Money on Your Church Building or Remodeling Project: LED Lighting

The McKnight Group wants to help you see the light as we continue our series about saving money with smart choices for your church remodeling or construction project. In our prior post, we discussed maximizing your energy savings with the right method of temperature control. Since lighting is the second-most-costly user of energy in most church buildings, in this [...]

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