One Last Interior Church Design Tip and Question Answered

As we wrap up our series of posts on successful interior church design, we have one final tip to share and a question to address. First, the tip. Don’t Overlook Maintenance Maintenance might not immediately spring to mind when discussing an interior church design, but it is very important, nonetheless. Your church building is not just a space; it's [...]

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The Importance of Signage in Interior Church Design

Lately we’ve posted a few items to consider when creating an inviting and inclusive environment within a church building. There’s one aspect of church design that is easily overlooked but profoundly impactful: signage. Here’s more on the crucial role signage plays in a successful interior church design, along with some insights into optimizing its effectiveness. The Need for Easy [...]

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Crafting Communal Spaces: A Guide to Thoughtful Furniture Choices in Church Design

We previously explored various flooring options available for an interior church design. Another element to consider sits on top of that flooring and provides comfort to all who visit your church building: specifically, furniture. In this article, we provide some considerations on selecting types of furniture for various spaces. By budgeting and planning for furnishings early in the master [...]

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An Interior Church Design Guide to Wall Coverings and Other Finishes

Yet another important consideration in an attractive interior church design is what to do with the walls. These surfaces obviously account for a significant portion of visual space, and choosing the right options can greatly impact the overall ambiance of a church building. Let’s explore various options for covering church walls, including paint, wall coverings, and specialty finishes, along [...]

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Interior Church Design: Choosing Carpet Tile Over Broadloom

Almost every interior church design will include carpeting in some spaces. Carpet, after all, is a great choice for both comfort and aesthetics. However, the kind of carpet one will likely find in a church building today isn’t traditional broadloom flooring. Let’s look at why and explore the better options that are now available for church interiors. The Evolution [...]

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