Lately we’ve posted a few items to consider when creating an inviting and inclusive environment within a church building. There’s one aspect of church design that is easily overlooked but profoundly impactful: signage. Here’s more on the crucial role signage plays in a successful interior church design, along with some insights into optimizing its effectiveness.

The Need for Easy Spotting

One fundamental consideration in signage design is visibility. Large signs, strategically positioned to be seen from a distance, serve as beacons guiding individuals through the maze of rooms and corridors within the church. In a crowded church building or from a distant vantage point, these signs should be high enough to be easily spotted, providing clear directions to essential areas such as restrooms, family life centers, and children’s check-ins. Such prominent signage not only aids navigation but also cultivates a sense of reassurance and belonging for newcomers, ensuring that they feel welcomed and at ease from the moment they step foot into the church.

In this photo, for instance, the deliberate placement of sizable signs denotes various facilities, including the gymnasium, cafe, and community and youth center. Clear signage eliminates ambiguity, enabling individuals to effortlessly identify and access their intended destinations.

Creating Comfort

Good signage is more than practical; it also fosters comfort and lessens anxiety for new people within the church building. Often, needed signage is obvious, but sometimes it isn’t. One excellent way to identify where signs should be placed is for church leaders to take a walk through all spaces, envisioning them through the eyes of a newcomer. Act as if you’ve never been in the building before. Is it obvious where all doors or hallways lead, or would a sign clear up confusion and provide needed information? The more guests are helped to navigate your church building, the more comfortable they will be and the quicker they will feel a part of your congregation.

The importance of signage in interior church design cannot be overstated. They contribute to spaces where all feel welcomed, valued, and embraced.

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