Church Design Professional

Mark A. Siebert, McKnight Group Representative

It is easy to say “I understand”.  Much harder to have a depth of knowledge and proven experience that helps one find wisdom.



So how do we gain UNDERSTANDING?

At The McKnight Group, we believe experience is key. Begin with 40 years of working with churches specifically to reach the community and you have a great start.  Add to that a staff with personal education and experience in church leadership and passion to reach others for Christ and you start to build.  Combine this with numerous Church Design Build projects with churches that are actually experiencing growth by touching the community, and momentum is realized.

As a McKnight Group Representative, I represent the church to the Architectural Firm and Church Construction Company within The McKnight Group.  My key responsibility is to know the church and seek to understand their God-inspired vision in order to get the right people to the table at the right time.

UNDERSTANDING changes with time, as well as culture.

As culture and target changes, we strive to understand the affects on ministry.  As the economy and resources change, we find innovative solutions as a result of understanding value.  As the time shortens and opportunity changes, we understand the urgency of achieving results.

Great Church Design is built upon UNDERSTANDING.

When you are able to partner with people who understand that Church Design is not about a building, but rather about building the Kingdom by providing creative space to attract the community and enable ministry, you have a synergy that cannot be easily defeated.  As I stated last week, “When we understand the greater and desired outcome, together, the path is easily traveled and the destination visible.”

It’s not about a building.  It’s all about understanding just who we are going to reach with the Gospel, and commitment to get there.


“Understanding.” is part two of a three part series entitled, “Partnership, Understanding, Commitment.” presented by The McKnight Group.