In today’s economic climate churches are searching for how to do more with less and make better use of what they already have.  Churches are always focused on this, but become more sensitive as financial positions weaken.  A decline in funds does not always correspond to a decline in the need for more space, especially in growing ministries.  It can be a troubling situation.

At The McKnight Group, we understand, and have made providing appropriate solutions part of our corporate goals, focusing on these right now!

One focus is to repurpose existing space.  Many churches exist in facilities designed for a different era of ministry which, unfortunately, do not meet current ministry needs.  There may be plenty of space but incapable of being used efficiently.  Rearranging the space, layout or just changing the use of the room can result in greater efficiency and significance.

Many churches today are taking advantage of the resulting abundance of vacant retail and office space.   They either purchase or rent these facilities and remodel them into a useable church environment.  Heritage Wesleyan Church in Bettendorf, Iowa accomplished this a couple years ago through a church design build project with the help of The McKnight Group.  Check it out here.

At this year’s  i3 Seminar, IDEAS INNOVATIONS AND INSIGHTS FOR BUILDING YOUR CHURCH, we have added a workshop addressing this very topic. This workshop will help the church leader understand how repurposing can be a valuable next step.  It will also provide insight on avoiding possible pitfalls you need to be aware of before changing your new facility.

A second focus is finding ways to lower the cost of construction without sacrificing quality and more importantly, value.  How are we going to do this?  By finding products, new technology, and time-efficient processes that will add value and provide cost advantage.  We are also exploring strategic partnerships that will benefit the church in lower direct cost and less construction time.  In the construction industry time is money.