Join us in welcoming 2013 with a new i3 Webinar! This month, we’ll be discussing a hot topic in church growth: How to Build a Quality Facility for an Economical Price. Our webinars are free and can be viewed live right from your computer.

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January 17 | How to Build a Quality Facility for an Economical Price

McKnight’s Advantage Building is designed to help smaller churches or churches in need of an additional facility expand ministries and grow membership with a practical and economical building. Tune in to this webinar to learn more about what this multi-ministry space can do for you and your congregation.

Our i3 Webinars seek to shine light on the process of growing a church community. i3 stands for “Ideas, Insights & Innovations,” three guiding principles to use as you explore building and expanding your church.

The webinars focus on the most current and relevant topics related to church building and expansion. We share examples of how churches use ideas, insights and innovations to discover unique ways of growing their own church communities through innovative design and building.