We’ve worked through all the preliminary steps! It’s finally time to make your dream church a reality. However, there is still some work for church leaders to do during the construction phase. Keep reading for an overview of what to expect during the actual building or remodeling of your dream church.

Coordination Meetings During Construction

During construction, church leaders need to conduct coordination meetings to discuss logistical issues. You still have some matters and finer details to work out as you’re moving along in the construction phase.

Consider interior design, for example. You will need to finalize interior colors, products, and so forth. Door keying is another example. You will have the master key, but how many other types of keys are needed? If you’re remodeling or adding on to an existing building, you need to determine the occupancy and use of the rooms that will still be available to you while the work is underway.

Quality Assurance Walkthrough After Construction

Once the building is finished, are you ready to move in? Typically, there’s a final walkthrough—commonly referred to as a punch list—that you complete before it can happen. This is where you walk through the building and make a list with your contractor of things that are still incomplete or need to be corrected.

You also need to be trained in the building systems, such as how the HVAC equipment and lighting works. It’s important to review the owner’s and operations manuals and understand even smaller details, such as how often to change the air filters and how to operate the thermostat.

Record Drawings and Warranties

Record drawings are another part of the process after the building is complete. These are compiled by the architect based on the notes that the contractor made during the project.  This set will reflect how the project was built, including any design revisions.

You should receive a warranty manual at the end of the project. Typically, you get a one- or two-year warranty on all parts and labor, which can add up to a significant number of warranties overall.  Longer part warranties on things like the HVAC system, roof, etc. can be referenced in the warranty manual in the future when you need to repair or replace any of these things.

Project Timing from Start to Finish

So, how long does this dream church building process take from start to finish? This depends on how big your project is, whether it’s a new build, a remodel, or an addition to your existing church building. The process from design to the start of construction typically can take anywhere from 15 to 24 months. Once you add on the time for construction, you could be looking at two or three years of work to bring your church building from dream to reality.

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