Now Is The Time!Barna Money Shot

By David McKnight

Barna Group’s latest study,  ”Donors Proceeding with Caution, Tithing Declines” reveals just how the economy has affected Americans and giving to the church.  It tells us what most church leaders already know.  Giving is down, tithes are down, and optimism is down.  So why is this the best time to spread the vision of the future of your church’s ministry?

Because the church’s source of hope is the answer our communities need! They need to see Jesus!

Rick Warren recently tweeted, “Vision must be visualized.  Give people a picture to see the Big Picture.”

Communicating a compelling picture of the future ministry of your church will unite people with vision and purpose.  People give their time, talent and resources when they can be part of something bigger than themselves, especially something that glorifies God!

When an individual continues to be faithful, even in the hard times, their faith grows and the reward God gives in return is priceless.  It could be a closer walk with God, a person in the community helped or a person coming to a relationship with Christ.

Now could be a great time to present a new vision, but it is also a good time to update the congregation with your current vision for the future.  It never hurts to keep the body informed and to celebrate milestones on the road to success.

I will admit, presenting a vision involves planning, and lots of it.  The absence of a clearly defined picture of the future can inspire us to work on plans now. If done well, when opportunities will arise, carrying out the plan is easy!