Church Design

Playland at Oskaloosa Church of the Nazarene

By ANDY GOODELL  The Oskaloosa Herald Mon May 16, 2011, 09:24 AM CDT

OSKALOOSA — It’s almost ready for worshipers.

On Friday afternoon, the Rev. Dave Childers gave a tour of the Oskaloosa First Church of the Nazarene’s new campus on the west side of Oskaloosa to a select few. The 32-acre facility along Highway 92 includes a children’s area, multi-ministry center and a south wing that includes a youth cafe.

Since the Herald was last inside the new campus, a lot of progress has been made, said Childers. Everything from play equipment in the children’s play area to stoves and sinks in the kitchen area were also ready to install Friday.

Much of the electronics and “cloud” structures that will improve the acoustic sound of the facility have also been put in place. In recent months, much of the internal plumbing for the campus has also been done.

A building group, known as the Alpha Team, oversees the project and has been tracking its progress over the entire life of the project, said Childers.

The church is slated to host its first Sunday service 10:30 a.m. June 19