I used to think twitter was a joke and a waste of time.  It was recommended to me to start a Twitter because it helps with overall web presence.  At first, I just followed the updates from the best writer of my favorite hockey team.  Then, I started reading tweets from Rick Warren, Max Lucado, and David Platt.  I found great wisdom in few words:

“Blaming God for evil is like blaming the sun for darkness.” – Warren

“Those who malign the wrath of God minimize the mercy of God.” – Platt

God grants us an uncommon life to the degree we surrender our common one” – Lucado

My favorite tweet of all time…

“Life is like pizza.  When it is good it is great!  When it is bad it is still good.” – Lucado

Here is one I would like to submit for your consideration:

Ministry tools can be expensive, so make certain your facility supports your ministry. – Me!

Since this is a blog and not a tweet, let me expand my thought.  Recently, a new pastor called me and asked if I could come help him and his congregation develop a new Master Plan.  He told me the former leadership had not planned their building for ministry very well and now they were faced with the challenges and struggles of new ministry in a building that is just ten years old!  Obviously, although the facility was fairly new, it did not meet their needs today. Now, ten years is not a long time in our lives, or the life of the church, but think about all that has changed in the world in the past ten years.

This result can occur for many reasons, but often it the outcome of one way of thinking: An all too common goal of “the most for the least”.  It is simply not good stewardship. It is best, and the wisest stewardship, to pay the right amount for the right and most effective solutions.

Well-planned facilities based upon good vision and flexibility result in great stewardship!

“Ministry that costs you nothing is worth nothing.” – Warren.