Q&A: Not Having a Clear Vision and Master Planning in a Church Building Project

One of the most beneficial aspects of participating in our i3 webinars is the ability to ask questions. We always try to cover the most relevant details of church building and church design in each webinar, but sometimes it takes a question or two from individual church leaders to address particular needs about what’s best for a specific church.  [...]

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If You Build a New Church Building, They Will Come — But Will They Stay?

Remember that Kevin Costner baseball film, Field of Dreams and its famous line, “If you build it, they will come?” That line has become a catchphrase for many different types of construction projects. When someone sees a new building going up in the neighborhood, it’s natural to be curious. We all want to find out what might be coming [...]

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Answers to Church Funding Questions

Financing your church building project can be a challenge on many levels. In addition to learning all the finance terminology, church leaders need to consider how the realities of the construction market will impact their church funding. In a recent, free i3 webinar, we talked about the realities of financing a church building project in today’s economy. At the [...]

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