The new year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to announce our 2023 lineup of free i3 church building webinars. Each year we commit to sharing the latest ideas, insights, and innovations (i3) for building your church. These live webinars are also a fantastic opportunity to get your questions answered, so we encourage you to get them on your calendar and plan to attend.

January 19 – Current Trends in Church Design

Begin the new year by joining Philip J. Tipton, our Vice President of Architecture, in an overview of the current trends affecting church design. We all know how much the recent pandemic has impacted how church leaders use the church building and technology. Other trends are influenced by the US economic outlook. In this webinar, Philip will discuss what factors are affecting church design, using recent McKnight Group projects to illustrate these trends.

February 16 – Creating Effective Children’s Spaces

What draws families to your church building? What helps them decide to stay? What changes could you make with your existing church design to make a positive first impression on parents and children? In this i3 webinar, McKnight Group President David McKnight and our Interior Designer, Heidi Falk will share both insights to embrace and pitfalls to avoid as you create an inviting place for kids and families.

March 16 and September 21 – How Lessons from the Last Recession Affect Funding Your Future Project

This webinar is so important we will offer it twice. David McKnight shares the lessons learned by church leaders during the last recession to help build confidence in stepping forward with your church vision for ministry, even in challenging economic times. In this i3 webinar, we will share changes to church project planning and financing and offer forward-thinking approaches and tools for realistic budgeting, so that you commit to what you can afford.

April 20 – Developing a Clear Vision for Your Church

We just mentioned your church vision for ministry. Here at the McKnight Group, we believe a God-inspired vision is the most important tool in any church leader’s building toolkit. In this webinar, David McKnight will outline the crucial steps to crafting an effective church vision. He will also illustrate how church leaders can use this vision to develop an impactful church design that brings their vision to life to grow God’s kingdom.

May 18 – Safety and Security Design for Today’s Church Building

Safety and security needs are continually evolving in America today. What church design features and measures are reasonable to take in 2023? In this i3 webinar, Philip Tipton will share various safety and security elements that we are discussing with church leaders today, what local building codes might require, and answer your questions about developing a comprehensive church security plan.

June 15 – Reimagine Your Space: How to Transform the Building You Have into the Building You Need

We hear from a lot of church leaders who struggle to minister effectively in a church building that was designed for the needs of past decades. The good news is that thoughtful church remodeling can clear many of the obstacles presented by a facility designed for an outdated church vision. In this i3 webinar, David McKnight will illustrate what’s possible with before-and-after images of reimagined church buildings that effectively support modern church visions for ministry.

July 20 – The Map to the Church Building You’re Dreaming Of: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re wondering about all the steps that are involved with creating a new church design and constructing a church building that works, this i3 webinar is for you. David McKnight will provide a detailed map for your church building journey, discussing how to arrive at your destination on time and within budget. He will also share warnings about pitfalls and potholes to avoid.

August 17 – Steps to a Successful Church Interior Design Project

There’s more to any church building project than the walls and roof. Whether you’re remodeling an existing facility, or supporting your church vision for ministry with a new church design, our Interior Designer has you covered. They know the right questions to ask, when to start planning, and who to include in the process. This i3 webinar will provide a breakdown of our recommended interior design process that will support and enhance your overall church building project.

October 19 – Mistakes to Avoid with Your Next Building Project

Mistakes are part of life—but learning from them is optional. In this final webinar of 2023, David McKnight and Philip Tipton provide helpful examples of other church leaders’ church building mistakes so you can learn from their experiences, rather than repeating them. In this i3 webinar, David and Philip discuss common, avoidable mistakes and show how they can be avoided.

Are you ready to learn more about the church design and construction process in 2023? Find out more about these free i3 webinars and register today.