Church vision is a simple term, but establishing one isn’t always so easy. We’ve talked about what church vision is and why it’s important, but creating one for your church can be a challenging process requiring much discussion and research among church leadership. A lot goes into establishing a clear vision that inspires your ministry and the people it serves but, in the end, the effort is well worth it.

However, sometimes church leadership struggles with what to do, or even where to start to create a clear church vision. If you are struggling to come up with one, we have some ideas to help.

Know Who You Are Reaching For

Defining your target is an important first step toward clarifying your vision. Discuss who are you trying to reach? Do you want to reach young adults who you might see as the future of your church? Do you want to be more family-oriented, reaching out to children and adults alike? Do you want to cater to the unchurched, who are seeking something that your ministry can provide? God probably has already been leading you in a direction. Take time to clarify it in your mind so you can effectively communicate it to your church.

Assess Community Needs

Once you know who you want to reach, think about them and the community you all live in. What are the needs and how can they be met, either through your current ministry or a new one?

Does those you want to reach want a more traditional service, or a contemporary one? If you want to reach the unchurched, they may not be comfortable with traditional services requiring a more contemporary approach that fit the surroundings they see every day. This would factor into which decision to make.

What extracurricular activities would encourage the community’s involvement in the church? A lot will depend on the generation you’re targeting. For example, you may want to minister to teens and young adults or expand your offerings for children (after school programs, tutoring, daycare, etc.). You could offer a place where seniors can get together to play games and socialize. Perhaps a book club, quilting club, or a cooking club would work for your outreach. Your options are only limited by your creativity. 

Examine Your Church Design

You should also consider whether a remodel, or even a new church building, will help you reach your target. Offering daycare or youth activities after school may require additional space and facilities, for example. A new building or addition may help you meet needs and expand your outreach.

Keep an Open Mind

If you’re still struggling with your church vision, it can be helpful to go to other churches for inspiration and ideas. Don’t copy what they’re doing, but instead use what you see to inspire your own vision. Also, don’t expect your church vision to come all at once—take it step by step, have faith, and see where God leads.

Our I3 webinar series is another way to spawn creativity and expand your church vision. These webinars give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the latest church building standards, innovations, and trends. We’ll announce our 2023 topics and dates in our post next week!