Our blog posts recently have touched on the importance of safety and security in church buildings. Let’s delve deeper into the specific areas within a church’s design that demand particular attention to safety and security. While our expertise isn’t in every area of safety, designing and building safe churches is something we know how to do.

Addressing Key Areas

When it comes to safety design, several key areas in a church building require consideration. These include parking and exterior spaces, entryways, and interior access control: how people will get into the building on weekdays or weekends and whether access to certain zones of the building needs to be restricted. The latter is something we spend much time figuring out in each church design.

There are also public spaces such as corridors, foyers, and restrooms that need security. Some churches also have medical and/or security suites to consider. All these areas need attention in an effective and safe church design.

Children’s Areas: A Priority

Among all the areas that require safety planning, special emphasis should be placed on spaces dedicated to children. Accordingly, our designs integrate features tailored to enhance supervision and protection in children’s areas, something we’ve posted about previously.

Start Outside

Let’s focus on the first area we mentioned: the exterior. There are basic security features for exterior areas that most every church incorporates into their design. These include lighting on photocells, timers or motion detectors, and surveillance cameras. For example, you’ll usually find cameras at every entry, and at other strategic locations like parking lots, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

Window Placement and Visibility

A less obvious, but equally important security feature is the placement and design of doors and windows. Much thought is given to designs that allow visibility from the inside to the outside of the building, permitting effective monitoring of who’s coming and going while maintaining a secure environment.

Visibility of Security

Another key design consideration that can’t be overemphasized is the visibility of safety features and security team members. Our church designs strive to also present a visual sense of security and safety to all who enter the church building. This not only fosters a secure feeling, but it serves as a deterrent to bad doers.

To learn more about our approach to church safety and security, along with other aspects of church design and building, we invite you to participate in our upcoming i3 webinars. A list of topics and a link to sign up is on our website.