Security and Safety Q&A from Our Recent Church Building i3 Webinar

Responding to questions is an important part of what we do in each of our free i3 webinars. While the main purpose of these webinars is to address current church building issues for church leaders and present the latest church design and construction information, we also know that no two church building situations are identical. So, the Q&A segment [...]

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Church Design Security in Action and Additional Resources

This post continues our series on integrating church safety and security, especially in less common but still important areas of your church building. In it, we offer an example of how good security integration can appear warm and welcoming. And since, as we’ve previously noted, we are not security experts, but rather church building experts that recognize the importance [...]

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Safety and Security Considerations for Less Traveled Spaces in Your Church Design

When thinking about the safety and security of a church building, public gathering areas like worship centers, foyers, or children’s spaces likely come to mind. But there are other areas in your church design that also benefit from thoughtful inclusion in a security plan’s parameters, processes, and procedures. Here are some important but less top-of-mind, less public areas that [...]

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Areas of Your Church Design That Need a Security Focus

There’s a lot to consider when planning a new church building. As church leaders juggle all the elements that go into a church design, one important one should rise to the top: security. Here’s an overview of the safety and security elements that are worth paying attention to during your church design development process. Start with the Exterior of [...]

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Best Practices for Keeping Kids Safe in Your Church Building

Keeping children safe is an area of church safety that is always at the top of the list. Here are some best practice guidelines for keeping kids safe while they’re in your church building. As always when it comes to discussing safety and security, we need to reiterate that we are church design specialists, not church security experts. However, [...]

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